Friday, March 30, 2012

Kanupriya "Heritage Collection" k Gold-Plated Tourmaline and Jade Earrings

Kanupriya Heritage
Kanupriya "Heritage Collection" 22k Gold-Plated Tourmaline and Jade Earrings
by Kanupriya

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Kanupriya Khurana always knew that she was destined to dabble in creative art forms and found her true calling through the treasured art of designing jewelry. Holding a strong personal connection to the spiritual energy of her creations, it seemed only right that she chose to launch her incredible jewels under her own namesake, Kanupriya.

Growing up in India, the wealth of vibrant colors, rich materials and inspiring culture that surrounded her has always held a special place in her heart. These elements now play a large role in inspiring the distinctive aesthetic of their collection. The heavy influence of Indian heritage and traditions juxtaposed with the contemporary sensibilities of the West have allowed Kanupriya's pieces to give off a unique aura with their presence. The glamorous mix of modern and vintage designs has given her jewelry the signature look that has so many women in awe.

With a wide array of pieces, Kanupriya's jewelry collection offers everything from simple, understated earrings that can take any woman from day to night, to elaborate statement necklaces and glimmering oversized cocktail rings that will make the wearer feel like the most special version of the person she's always wanted to be. Developed to reflect the immeasurable quality found in the most luxurious materials and unique handcrafted designs, Kanupriya presents a line that will certainly make loyal customers proud to wear her name.

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