Monday, March 26, 2012

Ed Hardy "Tiger / Rose" Base Metal Assembled Charm Bracelet, . "

Ed Hardy
Ed Hardy "Tiger / Rose" Base Metal Assembled Charm Bracelet, 8.5 "
by Ed Hardy

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Ed Hardy
Ed Hardy Ed Hardy

Renowned tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy started his jewelry line in 2008 to complement his popular collection of tattoo-themed apparel. Driven by passion and a talented sketching hand, Ed Hardy brings two-dimensional figures to life in vibrant color. Every piece from the Ed Hardy collection communicates the kind of soul-baring honesty that Hardy wants for his customers.

Loud and colorful is the name of the game when it comes to Ed Hardy's jewelry. With chunky chains and trendy oxidized detailing, Ed Hardy jewelry is anything but delicate. Shiny metals combine with Hardy's trademark tattoo designs, depicting everything from flames and skulls to roses and butterflies. Expressing the ups and downs of everyday life, Ed Hardy jewelry makes it possible to truly wear your heart on your sleeve.

It’s a one of a kind product that has a personal life style meaning from the creator Don Ed Hardy himself, that everyone can relate too. Heartbreak, a moment of power, life accomplishment or even death of a loved one; all those are life styles we go through. The entire designer team, carvers, craftsmen work together to create that perfect product to ensure the original tattoo of the Don Ed Hardy is as alive as the moment he sketched it.

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