Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Heather Benjamin "Sea" Sand Dollar Plated Bezel and Silver Band, Size

Heather Benjamin
Heather Benjamin "Sea" Sand Dollar Plated Bezel and Silver Band, Size 7
by Heather Benjamin

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Daydream about the natural beauty and stunning colors of the sea while wearing a gorgeous, inspired piece by Heather Benjamin. From the Sea collection, the San Dollar Plated Bezel and Silver Band surrounds your finger with warm, natural beauty. Featuring the delicate imprint of a sand dollar, this ring is the perfect partner for a beach getaway.

Heather Benjamin

The SEA Collection

A brilliant combination of blues, greens, purples, and opalescent that is composed of totally natural stones. Stones that have come to characterize this collection include larimar and Peruvian blue opal. The collection also uses several fossilized components, such as pyritized ammonites, petrified wood, jaspers, and minerals. These one-of-a-kind pieces are limited by the rarity, scarcity and diversity of each hand-constructed piece.

About Heather Benjamin Jewelry

Heather Goldman founded Heather Benjamin Jewelry in 2002 with the purpose of creatively adorning women and men with jewelry inspired by cultures, rituals, and symbols from around the world. HB's collection of one-of-a-kind pieces is infused with Heather's design sensibilities and worldly impressions. This fused with a high caliber of traditional artisanship, gives HB Jewelry its distinct flavor and rightful place amongst the innovative designers creating trend-forming collections. Utilizing textured finishes, sterling silver, and 22k vermeil, each piece of jewelry emulates the sea and symbolizes traditional threads woven throughout the coastal cultures of the world.

Employing century-old traditions of metal-smithing, each piece is constructed completely by hand around the fossil, mineral, or gem. In her production facility in Bali, Indonesia, silver and gold are transformed into irregular and totally unique shapes.

Heather Goldman, through Heather Benjamin Jewelry, is committed to being a vehicle for human rights and sustainable development. Each artisan with whom she works is paid well and provided with insurance and pensions, living accommodations, and traditional Balinese meals. Women are represented in all levels of management. Using jewelry as a vehicle for equality and activism, Heather Benjamin Jewelry brings a high level of consciousness to the fashion industry world.

Heather Benjamin

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