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Duragold k Yellow Gold Endless Hoop Earrings, (." Diameter)

Duragold 14k
Duragold 14k Yellow Gold Endless Hoop Earrings, (0.45" Diameter)
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A classic hoop earring she will enjoy wearing day after day, the Duragold 14k Yellow Gold Endless Hoop Earrings are a wardrobe staple. These 0.45" diameter hoops create a clean look against the ears with their endless closure. Made entirely of 14k yellow gold, these Duragold hoops are a timeless accessory crafted with quality and precision. The stand-out size, yet classic design allow these hoops to be dressed up or down, matching her personal style.

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The Duragold collection offers hoop earrings and chain necklaces created entirely of 14k gold, which is the threshold of karat gold jewelry in the United States. The Duragold collection was created for the discerning individual who wants the finest gold jewelry that is available in the marketplace today.

Duragold earrings and necklaces are lustrous and available in both yellow and white gold. All pieces constructed in the Duragold collection use premium materials from the rich alloys; the attention to detail is obvious in the classic designs and durable closures and findings. The earrings in the Duragold collection are constructed with a unique and patented alloy resisting denting or scratching and are hypoallergenic.

The Duragold earring collection includes the time-honored classic hoop earring in all sizes and millimeters in both yellow and white gold. In addition, the selection also houses double high-polished two-tone crossover hoops, shiny polished hoops, hand diamond -cut hoops and gorgeous three-colored hoops that incorporate all the stunning yellow, white and pink colors of solid gold. The Duragold hoop earrings collection offers pieces to start your basic 14k gold collection as well as pieces to add a little drama and sparkle to your life. A 14k Duragold earring in any color or shape is always appropriate, easily wearable and glows with the radiance of solid gold.

The basic chains in the Duragold collection are varied and diverse. Lightweight and delicate, the Singapore chain and Box chain are perfect to enhance your favorite collectibles while solid, handmade rope chains are substantial and timeless. The Snake chain is smooth and supple, and allows pendants to glide effortlessly on or off while hanging smoothly when worn. The Perfectina chain is just like it sounds: perfect. This or a hollow rope chain is an affordable way to display your favorite pendants.

The chain necklaces offered in the Duragold collection are available in various lengths to accommodate a pendant, a neckline or your own personal style. Lengths start out at the 16” choker length, and continue into the classic 18”or 20” as well as several styles available in the hard-to-find 24” and 30”. The chains in the Duragold collection can be found in the traditional yellow gold or the more modern and fashionable white gold.

Wherever your 14k gold search leads you, you are sure to find just the right piece of Duragold jewelry to add to your collection. Be confident that when you give a piece from the Duragold collection, your gift has the highest quality in design and materials. The designers of the Duragold collection are always working on new pieces and collections, so please check back often for new additions and designs.

Remember: nothing shines like Duragold.

The Karat Gold Story

Karat Gold is a “noble metal” meaning it has very special and enduring properties. Hence, it has been long sought after through the ages and used as adornment in jewelry, coinage, and the arts.

Gold does not rust, tarnish, or corrode, and with basic care, gold “glows” for years to come. Since gold is malleable, ductile and has tenacity, it can be shaped, formed and molded into almost any design that will hold its definition. Gold is also hypoallergenic.

“Pure Gold” or “Fine Gold” is known as 24k gold, which indicates that it is entirely gold, 24 parts out of 24.

However, most jewelry is made from either 18k gold, 14k gold or 10k gold. While yellow gold is the most traditional color, by mixing gold with other alloys, jewelers can create stunning shades of gold: white gold, pink gold, rose gold, orange gold and even green gold are just some of the many colors that are becoming more available.

Pure gold is “alloyed” or mixed with other metals for added strength, hardness and to produce a variety of colors. The percentage of gold to the total weight of gold plus alloy is what is referred to as gold’s “karatage” or the karat of gold.

The use of the term “solid gold” always refers to an item of gold that is solidly of gold or of a gold alloy throughout. In the United States, “karat” with a “K” refers to the quality of the gold.

Karatage is one of the most important factors to consider when buying gold.

Higher karatage gold jewelry products offer heightened intrinsic value that is higher than the lower karatage equivalents. For example, one gram of 14k gold is more valuable than one gram of 10k gold. Higher karatage gold also offers a heightened emotional perceived value.

Karatage is often perceived as a seal of quality rather than a mathematical reference to percentage of gold. This is true to the extent that the U.S. laws mandate a minimum (41.7% for 10k Gold) amount of karatage in order to be legally called “gold.”

Cleaning and Caring for your Gold Jewelry

If treated carefully, a gold jewelry item can last a lifetime and even handed down to future generations.

Gold is lasting and durable but can get scratched or dented if treated roughly. This is particularly true of items worn on the hands like rings and bracelets that are prone to a lot of knocks, so remove these pieces before any type of strenuous activity.

Also, beware of chemicals. Gold’s worst enemy is chlorine. Keep your gold jewelry away from chlorinated cleaning products and out of swimming pools, etc. On a related note, acids, abrasives and other harsh chemicals found in some common household cleaning solutions can weaken your jewelry or damage its finish. It is best to remove all gold jewelry when handling these types of products.

Gold can lose its luster over time if repeatedly exposed to dust, moisture, perspiration and makeup. Make sure to clean your jewelry regularly to remove these substances; you can use a cleaning solution of lukewarm water and a mild soap. After cleaning and rinsing, always dry and polish jewelry with a chamois or soft cloth to avoid scratches and to bring out its shine.

Proper storage is as important as cleaning. Protect your gold jewelry by storing it safely in a jewelry box or keeping it wrapped in a soft cloth when not being worn.

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