Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ELLE Jewelry "Charms" "" Number Sterling Silver Charm

ELLE Jewelry
ELLE Jewelry "Charms" "7" Number Sterling Silver Charm
by ELLE Jewelry

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Elle Jewelry

ELLE Jewelry is a contemporary sterling silver collection often complimented with colorful gemstones. Each piece is trademarked with our signature ruby logo, a sign of a woman’s strength and beauty.

ELLE Time and Jewelry is dedicated to bring chic, fun, trendy and quality pieces in the world of women’s fashion accessories to help them complete and perfect their silhouette and style.

The ELLE woman is someone who is aware of herself and what she represents. She is a leader who uses fashion and beauty to express herself in every aspect of her life. The ELLE woman values personal freedom, self-expression and the pursuit of her individuality.

ELLE Jewelry
Be Yourself, Reflect Your Style

ELLE Jewelry is a product extension of ELLE Magazine, the largest fashion and beauty publication in the world. ELLE jewelry fuses fashion with high-polished 925 rhodium-plated sterling silver and the highest quality gemstones. Each piece is trademarked with our signature genuine ruby, symbolizing a woman's strength and inner beauty. ELLE jewelry designs are contemporary yet timeless, an excellent accessory to current fashion and classic wear.

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  1. Thanks for the great post, I love the mix of the silver with gemstones and more modern designs. Perfect for ELLE women indeed!