Monday, April 2, 2012

Sorrelli "Running Water" Bold Crystal Floral Silver-Tone Adjustable Ring

Sorrelli Running
Sorrelli "Running Water" Bold Crystal Floral Silver-Tone Adjustable Ring
by Sorrelli

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For the woman who wants it all, the Sorrelli "Running Water" Bold Crystal Floral Silver-Toned Adjustable Ring overflows with eye-catching designs and lets you adjust between upper and lower ranges that differ in size. A floral setting dominates the upper range. Clear "petals" (10 in all) of round crystal encircle nine stones delicately shaded in pale emerald, which in turn surround a triangular bed of silver brass that features a trio of gleaming yellow citrine-shaded crystals. The triangle patterning repeats on a smaller scale within an adjacent floral design--one that's ringed by crystals of an amethyst hue around rose-tinted, translucent crystals. On the lower range, the main setting is a single, sheer white stone cut in the shape of an emerald. This exquisitely alluring ring measures 1 inch in width and 1.5 inches in length.



Sorrelli was founded in 1983 by Italian-American Lisa Oswald. From the first beaded clay necklace made when she was a child, Oswald has reveled in her love of self-adornment. She started out making fun costume jewelry in her Brooklyn loft to wear to parties, and was soon joined by her twin sisters to create a strong and distinctive jewelry industry. The name, Sorrelli, was crafted from the Italian word for sister, 'sorelle'.

Inspired by her love of flora and fauna, Oswald combines antiquity with contemporary style. Sorrelli jewelry is designed to make the wearer feel beautiful, and creates a look that exudes confidence, glamour, and uniqueness. By joining the fluid colors of nature with her keen eye for fashion, Oswald gives women everywhere the chance to sparkle a little bit each day.

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